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Integration Checklist

You should confirm that the Craftgate integration is completed and ready to use in the live environment before going live. We have prepared a checklist for you. You can go through this list and provide the necessary controls.

Geliştirme Aşaması

Development Phase

  • If you are going to integrate via api, we recommend using our Open Source Libraries to use.
  • Do you catch errors with error codes lower than 10000 and return a standard error message to the user?

POS Usage and Payment Experience

  • Will the card be stored? Will stored cards be used for payment?
  • Will commercial cards be used for payments?
  • Will foreign cards be used for payments?
  • Will American Express cards be used for payments?
  • Will you use installments? Or will it be all single installment?
  • Will non-3DS payment be taken? Or will it be all 3DS?
  • Do you use a model other than "3D Model" as the 3D payment model of your POS?
  • Is there any information such as "order number/policy number" that you want to transmit to the bank with each payment?
    • You can transmit this information with external id. However, do you especially want to see this information in the "order id" field?
    • Have you confirmed with your finance team?
    • If you want to see the information such as "order number/policy number" in the "order id" field, have you confirmed on the payment history pages that you have successfully submitted the data in your request?
  • Do you want to specifically choose which virtual POS the payments will go through?

Test Phase Steps

  • Has your POS been tested by Craftgate team?
  • Have your payment flows and integration been checked with test cards via Craftgate Sandbox environment?
  • Did you connect your system to Craftgate Live environment and run test payments with real cards?

Craftgate Settings

  • Did you validate 3DS payments with hash? See Security Recommendations for details.
  • Did you validate your Webhook integration with hash? See Security Recommendations for details.
  • Have you turned on installments for your pos and entered your real commission rates?
  • Have you turned on the Autopilot feature for your poses?

Post Go Live Checks

  • Have you checked the validation errors that may have occurred during your payments from Craftgate merchant panel?
  • Have you defined Proactive Monitoring rules for payment success rates?
  • Have you defined suspicious transaction management rules for Fraud prevention?

Please contact Craftgate team for any questions and support needs.