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Fraud Checks

When a fraud rule conditions match the incoming payment, system creates a fraud check record.

####Fraud Check Records Payment review, order cancellation, payment refund and adding to black list operations can be managed with a fraud check record. In order to do mentioned operation on merchant panel, you can use Fraud Management > Fraud Checks page.

Fraud Checks

In order to search fraud checks, you can check out Search Fraud Checks page.

#####Review To Inspect a fraud check record,you can use Inspect button on each fraud check record. When button clicked, payment details modal will be appeared, you can refund payment on the modal.

#####Add Value To List In order to add value to a list, you can use Add To List button with submenus(Add Card, Add IP, Add Member). Values can be added temporary or indefinitely. Note: Card information can be added as card fingerprint because of PCI-DSS requirement for card information can not be stored explicitly.Card Fingerprint can be stored in list for maximum 2 hours.

  • Fraud Check Adding Card
  • Fraud Check Adding IP
  • Fraud Check Adding Member

In order to add value to a list via api, you can check out Add Value To List page.

#####Complete Review Completing review can be achieved via Complete Review button with submenus(Fraud, Not Fraud) for each fraud check record on the table. On completion, fraud check status will be updated

Fraud Check Statuses
Check StatusDescription
WAITINGFraud check record is waiting for review
FRAUDFraud Check record completed as fraud.
NOT_FRAUDFraud Check record completed as not fraud.

In order to complete fraud check via api, you can check out Fraud Check Status Update page.