Payout Details

If you are working in the marketplace model, you can use this service with the payoutId returned when you query the transactions for which a money transfer is ongoing or sent, and you can access the money transfer details.


HTTP Method URL URL Parameters
POST /settlement-reporting/v1/settlement-file/payout-details/:payoutId payoutId: Id value of the payout

Response Parameters

Parameters returned as a result of querying payout details are also subject to the rules specified in the Response Formats section of the API documentation home page. In the absence of a systematic or fictional error, the sub-parameters of the object returned in the data parameter are as follows:

Parameter Name Type Description
merchantId string The id value of the merchant to whom the money is sent
merchantType string Type of member to whom money is sent. See: Payout Merchant Types
name string The name of the merchant member to whom the money is sent that is written in bank account
iban string The IBAN of the merchant member to whom the money is sent
payoutDate date The date the payout id done
rowDescription string Row description that is sent to the bank while the payout process
payoutAmount decimal The amount of the payout
currency string Currency
bounceStatus BounceStatus Indicates the information whether the money transfer is returned or not. See: Payout Return Status
settlementEarningsDestination SettlementEarningsDestination The destination where the money is sent. See: Payout Destination
settlementSource SettlementSource The value indicates the source of payout. See: Payout Source
payoutTransactions PayoutTransaction[] Transactions that include into payout. See: Payout Transactions

Payout Transactions

A payout includes the following transactions;

Parameter Name Type Description
transactionId number ID value of the transaction subject to payout
transactionType string Type of the transaction subject to payout . Values can be; PAYMENT, RAS, WITHDRAW
payoutAmount string Amount of the transaction subject to payout

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.

Retrieve Payout Details