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Craftgate Integration

Welcome. Before starting with Craftgate API integration, we recommend that you take a look at the following pages.

  • Wallet: What are the uses and features of the wallet?
  • Marketplace: How do I create my sub-merchants and get paid on Craftgate?

After reviewing the above pages, you can start with the API integration. For API integration, see: API Integration

When the merchant starts with the integration, Craftgate obtains the API keys from the merchant panel and waits for the merchant to complete the API integration. During the integration phase, API keys are created in the live environment and live testing can be done. It is recommended to integrate in the test environment before starting to use it live. Panel and API urls for test and live environment are different.


Before starting the API integration, you must have a Craftgate membership. You can create a membership in the test environment by contacting us. For the live environment, you can start your registration process by clicking the "Start Now" button at and filling out the form. After your registration process is completed, integration can be started. Craftgate offers two environments, test and live, for merchants to integrate.

Craftgate Test Environment

Before starting the integration, the merchant must first register to the panel and obtain the API keys. You can get the API Keys from the Management / API Authorization Management page on the left menu after logging in to the panel. API keys taken from the test environment do not work in the live environment. In the test environment, there is a system that simulates bank responses while making payment, without actually reaching out to the bank. For this, the merchant must use the test cards provided by Craftgate. For test cards, see: Test Cards

API UrlMerchant Panel UrlAPI Authorization Management Url

Craftgate Live Environment

Having completed the integration phase in the test environment, the merchant can also perform its tests in the live environment. You can get the API keys of the live environment from the Management / API Authorization Management page.

API UrlMerchant Panel UrlAPI Authorization Management Url

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