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Integration Checklist

You should confirm that the Craftgate integration is completed and ready to use in the live environment before going live. We have prepared a checklist for you. You can go through this list and provide the necessary controls.

Geliştirme Aşaması

Development Phase

  • If you are going to integrate via api, we recommend using our Open Source Libraries to use.
  • Do you catch errors with error codes lower than 10000 and return a standard error message to the user?

POS Usage and Payment Experience

  • Will the card be stored? Will stored cards be used for payment?
  • Does your Pos have authorization to refund to its own cards and cards of other banks? Have you checked your refund transaction limit?
  • Will commercial cards be used for payments?
  • Will foreign cards be used for payments?
  • Will American Express cards be used for payments?
  • Will you use installments? Or will it be all single installment?
  • Will non-3DS payment be taken? Or will it be all 3DS?
  • Do you use a model other than "3D Model" as the 3D payment model of your POS?
  • Is there any information such as "order number/policy number" that you want to transmit to the bank with each payment?
    • You can transmit this information with external id. However, do you especially want to see this information in the "order id" field?
    • Have you confirmed with your finance team?
    • If you want to see the information such as "order number/policy number" in the "order id" field, have you confirmed on the payment history pages that you have successfully submitted the data in your request?
  • Do you want to specifically choose which virtual POS the payments will go through?
  • If you want to add interest on installment payments, have you made the definitions in Craftgate? Do you confirm than the interest rates are not managed at PF side, and only managed by Craftgate?

Test Phase Steps

  • Has your POS been tested by Craftgate team?
  • Have your payment flows and integration been checked with test cards via Craftgate Sandbox environment?
  • Did you connect your system to Craftgate Live environment and run test payments with real cards?

Craftgate Settings

  • Did you validate 3DS payments with hash? See Security Recommendations for details.
  • Did you validate your Webhook integration with hash? See Security Recommendations for details.
  • Have you turned on installments for your pos and entered your real commission rates?
  • Have you turned on the Autopilot feature for your poses?

Post Go Live Checks

  • Have you checked the validation errors that may have occurred during your payments from Craftgate merchant panel?
  • Have you defined Proactive Monitoring rules for payment success rates?
  • Have you defined suspicious transaction management rules for Fraud prevention?

Please contact Craftgate team for any questions and support needs.