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With the Craftgate Wallet solution, you can keep and manage balances for your users. Thanks to this solution, your users have a wallet on the Craftgate system. The following transactions can be performed using wallet.

  • Payment from Member's Wallet
  • Full Refund to Member's Wallet
  • Partial Refund to Member's Wallet
  • Member's Top Up Their Own Wallet
  • Refund of the Wallet Transaction
  • Querying the Refund Amount from Member's Wallet
  • Searching for Refunds from Member's Wallet
  • Merchant Wallet Information Inquiry
  • Merchant Reset Wallet Balance
  • Sending Money to Merchant's Wallet
  • Withdrawal from Merchant's Wallet
  • Querying Money Transfer/Withdrawal Transactions to Merchant's Wallet

Buyers on Craftgate are merchant based and cannot be used by other merchants. We call this structure a closed loop wallet.

Your wallet users must be created in the Craftgate system in order to use these transactions.

Creating Wallets

Your customers whose payments you receive using Craftgate are called buyers within the Craftgate system. Buyers must be created on Craftgate as members if they want to be able to use features such as closed loop wallets. Members can be created, updated and queried on Craftgate. Wallets cannot be used in marketplaces.

After the members are created, the memberId parameter in the response must be stored on the merchant side. See: Create Member

Merchants can list the buyers (the members they create) whose wallets they created in the merchant panel and query their wallet movements.

Recipients who have been assigned wallets thus gaining membership status will be mentioned as members from now on.

Closed Loop Wallet Payment and Refund Transactions

Wallet functions of the API can be used in receiving, canceling and refunding payments by using the memberId parameter after the members are created on the Craftgate system.

Wallet Top-up

A member can top-up their wallet with a credit card or a stored card.

Create Refund Transaction

Merchant Wallet Transactions

Transferring/Withdrawing Money to/from Wallet

Merchants can send money to its buyers, retrieve the money they have sent and query these transactions.