Autopilot Webhook

Craftgate transmits the your autopilot pos status to a URL that you define from merchant panel. Thus, in case any of your virtual pos is not working stable, you will be instantly informed about your POS.

Address Definition to Receive Webhook Notification

In order to activate the Webhook notification, the Webhook URL field under Craftgate panel Settings -> Merchant Settings-> General Settings must be filled in and notifications (Bildirimler Açık) must be enabled. When you accept the POST requests as the webhook and enter a URL that returns 2xx from the HTTP codes, Craftgate will send the information about pos in case of unstability.

Webhook Ayarları

Request Forwarded to the Webhook Address

When we detect that the bank belonging to your pos defined as Autopilot is not working stably, system notifies to the webhook URL you specified. In order to receive the notification, your pos must be marked as autopilot. Request sent to the webhook address you specified in JSON format via POST http method.

Request Parameters

The rules specified in the Transaction Webhook

Parameter Name Type Description
eventTimestamp long Epoch value of the date the request is created
eventType string AUTOPILOT
status string SUCCESS
payloadId string The alias value of the POS
payload Object (bkz: Autopilot Payload)

Autopilot Payload

Parameter Name Type Description
posAlias string The alias value of the POS
posName string Bank / PF
nonThreeDsStatus string Current Non 3Ds status of Pos ACTIVE PASSIVE
threeDsStatus string Current 3Ds status of Pos ACTIVE PASSIVE

Confirming That the Request Sent by Craftgate

The rules specified in the Transaction Webhook

Sample Data

    "eventType": "AUTOPILOT",
    "eventTime": "2023-04-14T11:07:31.123456",
    "eventTimestamp": 1681459651,
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "payloadId": "62-garanti-59",
    "payload": {
        "posAlias": "62-garanti-59",
        "posName": "garanti",
        "nonThreeDsStatus": "PASSIVE",
        "threeDsStatus": "ACTIVE"