Update Store Card


The endpoint and http method information to update expiry date of a stored card are stated below.

POST /payment/v1/cards/update

Request Parameters

The parameters expected to be sent in the requests to be made for updating expiry date of a stored card are listed under the table and sub-headings below.

Parameter Name Type Required Description
cardUserKey string Yes User Key value that generated for the card to be updated
cardToken string Yes Token value that generated for the card to be updated
expireYear string Yes New expiry year
expireMonth string Yes New expiry month

Response Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
binNumber string First 8 digit of the card number
lastFourDigits string Last 4 digit of the card number
cardUserKey string User key value
cardToken string Token value
cardAlias string Name / Alias of the card
cardType CardType Kart türü. CREDIT_CARD, DEBIT_CARD ya da PREPAID_CARD See: Card Types
cardAssociation CardAssociation Card association VISA, MASTER_CARD, AMEX or TROY See: Card Associations
cardBrand string Brand of the card
cardBankName string Name of the card bank
cardBankId number ID value of the card bank
cardExpiryStatus CardExpiryStatus Card expiry status. EXPIRED, WILL_EXPIRE_NEXT_MONTH,or NOT_EXPIRED

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.