Update Member

The endpoint and http method information to update member are stated below.


HTTP Method URL URL Parameters
PUT /onboarding/v1/members/:id id: ID of the member

Request Parameters

The parameters expected to be sent in requests to update an existing member are listed under the table and subheadings below.

Parameter Name Type Required Description
isBuyer boolean No Set this parameter true if member is a buyer
isSubMerchant boolean No Set this parameter true if member is a seller
memberType MemberType No Member type. See: Member Types
name string No Name of the member
address string Yes Address information of the member
email string Yes E-mail address of the member
phoneNumber string No Phone number of the member
contactName string No Contact name of the member
contactSurname string No Contact surname of the member
identityNumber string No Identity number of the member
legalCompanyTitle string No Legal company title of the member's company
taxOffice string No Tax office of the member's company
taxNumber string No Tax number of the member's company
iban string No Member IBAN, only TR IBAN should be send
settlementEarningsDestination SettlementEarningsDestination No Settlement earning destination of the member. See: Payout Destinations

Response Parameters

Parameters returned as a result of member update are also subject to the rules specified in the Response Formats section of the API documentation home page. In the absence of a systematic or fictional error, the sub-parameters of the object returned in the data parameter are stated in Response Parameters page.

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.

Buyer Update

Sub-merchant Update (for Marketplace solution)