Create Member Wallet

You can create a member wallet with this service.


The endpoint and http method information to deposit to member wallet are stated below.

POST /wallet/v1/members/:id/wallets

Request Parameters

The parameters expected to be sent in the requests to be made for deposit to member wallet are listed under the table and sub-headings below.

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Description
negativeAmountLimit decimal No Nevative balance amount for wallet, default value is zero.
currency Currency No (See: Currencies) Currency of wallet

Response Parameters

The parameters returned as a result of create wallet are also subject to the rules specified in the Response Formats section of the API documentation home page. In the absence of a systematic or fictional error, the sub-parameters of the object returned in the data parameter are as follows:

Parameter Name Type Description
id number ID value of the wallet
createdDate date The date that the wallet created
updatedDate date The date that the wallet last updated
amount decimal Current balance of the wallet
withdrawalAmount decimal The amount can be withdraw from wallet
currency string Currency of the wallet
memberId number ID value of the member who own the wallet

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.