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OpenCart Plugin


  1. You can download the plugin prepared for OpenCart on OpenCart Market or Github.
  2. Install the plugin you have downloaded from the OpenCart plugins page.
  3. After installing the plugin, activate the Craftgate Payment Gateway plugin.
  4. After activating, click the Settings/Manage button to go to the administration page.

Activating the Plugin

  • You can receive payment on the live environment by entering Live API Key and Live Secret Key.
  • You can receive payment on the test environment by entering the Sandbox API Key and Sandbox Secret Key.
  • To open an account in live and test environment, see the Craftgate Account Opening page.
  • In order to receive payment from the test environment, the Sandbox Mode must be “On”. If it is “Off”, receiving payments from the live environment will be active.
  • The status must be selected as 'Active' to activate Craftgate.
  • The payment method description appears filled in by default and can be changed if desired. This explanation appears as the name of the payment method in the payment options field.

Open Source

The Craftgate OpenCart plugin is open source and you can request changes at . Click the Watch button in the GitHub repository to keep informed about developments and new releases.