Search Fraud Checks

The endpoint and http method information to search fraud checks are stated below.


GET /fraud/v1/fraud-checks

Request Parameters

The parameters expected to be sent in requests to search fraud checks are listed under the table and subheadings below.

Parameter Name Type Required Description
paymentId number No Payment Id
ruleId number No Rule Id
paymentStatus PaymentStatus No Payment Status
action FraudAction No Fraud Rule Actions
checkStatus FraudCheckStatus No Fraud Check Status
minCreatedDate date No Minimum date
maxCreatedDate date No Maximum date
page number No Page number for pagination
size number No Page size for pagination

Response Parameters

Parameters returned as a result of search fraud checks are also subject to the rules specified in the Response Formats section of the API documentation home page. In the absence of a systematic or fictional error, the sub-parameters of the object returned in the data parameter are as follows:

Parameter Name Type Description
id number Fraud Check Id
status Status Status (see: Status)
action FraudAction Fraud Rule Actions
checkStatus FraudCheckStatus Fraud Check Status
paymentId number Payment Id
paymentStatus PaymentStatus Payment Status
paymentData FraudPaymentData Payment Detail
ruleId number Rule Id
ruleName string Rule Name
ruleConditions string Rule Detail

Payment Detail

Parameter Name Type Description
paymentDate date Payment Date
conversationId string Conversation Id for payment request
paidPrice decimal Paid price of payment request
currency Currency see: Currency
cardFingerprintId string Card fingerprint id
cardFingerprintExpirationDate date Card fingerprint expiration date
buyerId date Member id for payment request
clientIp date Client IP for payment request

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.

Search Fraud Checks