Retrieve BIN

The first 6 digits of the card number are called the BIN number. By using the BIN service, we can obtain information about the card.


The endpoint and http method information to retrieve bin number are stated below.

GET installment/v1/bins

Request Parameters

The parameters expected to be sent in requests to bin inquiry are listed under the table and subheadings below.

Parameter Name Type Required Description
binNumber string Yes First 6 or 8 digits of the card number that is used to return installment information.

Response Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
binNumber string First 8 digits of the card number
cardType CardType See: Card Types
cardAssociation CardAssociation See: Card Associations
cardBrand string Represents card programme's of the banks such as Axess and Bonus
bankName string Name of the card's bank
bankCode number Code of the card's bank
commercial boolean Information on whether card is commercial.

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.