Search Installments

As a result of the installment inquiry service, the amounts to be paid in installments and single installment of the card families are returned and this amount should be used together with the payment service paidPrice and installment parameters. If the service is to be used by entering the BIN number, it must be called after the first 6 digits of the card are entered on the payment page. It is used to show the returned answer to the user for installment selection. The installment options returned by the service are related to the information in the pos management in the merchant panel.


The endpoint and http method information to search installments are stated below.

GET installment/v1/installments

Request Parameters

The parameters expected to be sent in requests to installment inquiry are listed under the table and subheadings below.

Parameter Name Type Required Description
binNumber number No First 6 or 8 digits of the card number that is used to return installment information. If this parameter not sent, all installment information is returned otherwise only the installment numbers of the card family belonging to the bin number are returned.
price decimal Yes Price
currency Currency No Currency of the price. See: Currencies
distinctCardBrandsWithLowestCommissions boolean No It is used to singularize according to the lowest commission in case of more than one result belonging to the same card family as a result of the installment inquiry.
paymentPhase PaymentPhase No If the payment will be processed with pre-authorization, this values should be PRE_AUTH. See: Payment Phases

Response Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
binNumber string First 8 digits of the card number
price decimal Price
cardType CardType See: Card Types
cardAssociation CardAssociation See: Card Associations
cardBrand string Represents card programme's of the banks such as Axess and Bonus
bankName string Name of the card's bank
bankCode number Code of the card's bank
force3ds boolean Information on whether 3DSecure payment is required. If the card used is debit and 3DSecure requirement is checked for the pos from the merchant panel, it returns true. If true is returned, the payment must be made through 3DSecure.
cvcRequired boolean Information on whether CVC is required. Returns true if payment without cvc option is not checked from the merchant panel.
commercial boolean Information on whether card is commercial. If a product such as food, which is prohibited from using installments for individual cards, is added to the basket, you should check the commercial parameter. You should not make installments when it returns false. If the card used is a commercial card, this parameter will return true.
installmentPrices InstallmentPrice[] Installment prices for each installment option. See: Installment Price Information

Installment Price Information

The fields of the object containing the installment and price information are as follows.

Parameter Name Type Description
installmentNumber number Installment number
installmentPrice number Installment price
bankCommissionRate number Bank commission rate
merchantCommissionRate number Merchant commission(interest) rate. It is null for a single installment.
totalPrice decimal Total paid price which should be used to create payment.
posAlias string Represents which POS will be used for the payment.
installmentLabel string Installment label
loyaltySupported boolean Indicates whether the POS supports the use of rewards and points for the installment option.

Sample Codes

You can review the sample codes in the open source Craftgate API clients.