All Test Cards That Receive Error

Test Cards and Features for Failed Transactions

If you need a new test card for an error that is not in this list, please notify the Craftgate team.

Card Number Error Group Description Standard Payment 3D Secure Init 3D Secure Verification 3D Secure Completion Cancel / Refund
5100050000006661 NOT_SUFFICIENT_FUNDS Insufficient card limit, insufficient balance ERROR ERROR
5100560000006669 DO_NOT_HONOUR The transaction has not been approved ERROR ERROR
5101380000006661 INVALID_TRANSACTION Invalid transaction ERROR ERROR
5101510000006663 NOT_PERMITTED_TO_CARDHOLDER The cardholder cannot do this transaction. Please try with another card ERROR ERROR
5101520000006662 STOLEN_CARD Stolen card, pickup the card ERROR ERROR
5102210000006669 DECLINED Payment declined ERROR ERROR
5115830000006669 NOT_SUFFICIENT_FUNDS Insufficient card limit, insufficient balance
For 3D Secure payment: 3DS init can be done, but mdStatus returns 0 when verifying.
You should use this card to get error if you use 3DPay model.
5117280000006665 NOT_SUFFICIENT_FUNDS Insufficient card limit, insufficient balance
For 3D Secure payment: 3DS init can be done, but mdStatus returns 4 when verifying.Payment can be received if the merchant 3DSecure verification type is HALF_THREEDS.
5117580000006668 NOT_SUFFICIENT_FUNDS Insufficient card limit, insufficient balance
For 3D Secure payment: 3DS init gets error
5136620000006669 LOST_CARD Lost card, pickup the card ERROR
5163080000006662 EXPIRED_CARD Incorrect expiration date ERROR
5164580000006660 INVALID_CVC2 Cvc2 information is invalid ERROR
5188960000006666 NOT_PERMITTED_TO_TERMINAL The terminal is not authorized to perform this transaction ERROR
5192610000006661 FRAUD_SUSPECT The payment fails to pass the security check ERROR
5193240000006666 RESTRICTED_BY_LAW Your card is closed to e-commerce transactions. Call your bank ERROR
5200170000006666 UNKNOWN Unknown error happened in the system ERROR
5209220000006660 CARD_NOT_PERMITTED The card does not allow the transaction ERROR
5213940000006667 APPROVED_COMPLETED Pre-approved transaction ERROR
5220750000006661 INVALID_CHARS_IN_EMAIL Email is not in valid format ERROR
5218750000006665 INVALID_CVC2_LENGTH CVC length is invalid ERROR
5222400000006661 REFER_TO_CARD_ISSUER Get approval from your bank ERROR
5222650000006661 INVALID_MERCHANT_OR_SP Merchant category code is incorrect ERROR
5223620000006663 BLOCKED_CARD Card is blocked ERROR
5237590000006662 INVALID_CAVV Invalid CAVV information ERROR
5253290000006668 INVALID_ECI Invalid ECI information ERROR
5253390000006666 CVC2_MAX_ATTEMPT CVC2 incorrect entry attempts exceeded ERROR
5253820000006662 BIN_NOT_FOUND BIN not found ERROR
5254040000006666 COMMUNICATION_OR_SYSTEM_ERROR Communication or system error ERROR
5328130000006667 INVALID_CARD_NUMBER Invalid card number ERROR
5339730000006661 NO_SUCH_ISSUER Bank not found ERROR
5342530000006660 DEBIT_CARDS_REQUIRES_3DS Debit cards can only be used in 3D Secure transaction ERROR
5353550000006664 DEBIT_CARDS_INSTALLMENT_NOT_ALLOWED Installments cannot be made with debit cards. ERROR
5358810000006667 REQUEST_TIMEOUT Request sent to bank timed out ERROR
5381210000006661 NOT_PERMITTED_TO_FOREIGN_CARD Terminal is closed to international cards ERROR
5400240000006665 NOT_PERMITTED_TO_INSTALLMENT Terminal does not allow installment ERROR
5400630000006667 REQUIRES_DAY_END End of day must be done ERROR
5482020000006662 EXCEEDS_WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT_LIMIT Withdrawal limit exceeded ERROR
5545480000006663 RESTRICTED_CARD Restricted card ERROR
4006840000006663 EXCEEDS_ALLOWABLE_PIN_TRIES Allowed number of PIN entries exceeded ERROR
4007420000006663 INVALID_PIN Invalid PIN ERROR
4010720000006661 ISSUER_OR_SWITCH_INOPERATIVE Bank or terminal fail to process ERROR
4022770000006662 INVALID_EXPIRE_YEAR_MONTH Invalid expiration date ERROR
4024580000006663 REQUEST_BLOCKED_BY_BANK The request received an error from the bank ERROR
4025890000006665 SALES_AMOUNT_LESS_THAN_AWARD The sales amount cannot be lower than the award points ERROR
4029400000006669 INVALID_AMOUNT Invalid amount ERROR
4032800000006665 INVALID_CARD_TYPE Invalid card type ERROR
4043080000006661 NOT_SUFFICIENT_AWARD Insufficient award points ERROR
4048090000006665 AMEX_CAN_USE_ONLY_MR American Express card error ERROR
4049520000006660 NO_RESPONSE A general error occurred during the payment process ERROR
4086250000006668 INVALID_TRANSACTION Invalid transaction ERROR
4111580000006667 REQUEST_TIMEOUT Request is timeout ERROR
4132260000006661 COMMUNICATION_OR_SYSTEM_ERROR Communication or system error ERROR
4137290000006663 COMMUNICATION_OR_SYSTEM_ERROR Communication or system error ERROR
4183420000006669 PICKUP_CARD Pickup the card ERROR
4234800000006661 CVC_REQUIRED CVC is required for payment ERROR
4059030000006667 MAY_HAVE_ALREADY_REFUNDED The amount to be refunded must be less than the total paid amount. This payment may have been refunded before ERROR
4059190000006669 ORDER_ID_ALREADY_USED The order number (orderId) has already been used. Order numbers must be unique for successful sales ERROR
4059190000176660 INVALID_IP Invalid IP ERROR
5437716343770007 POS_BALANCE_NOT_SUFFICIENT Virtual Pos balance is not sufficient. ERROR