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Reward and Point Featured Test Cards

Test Cards for Reward Use

For successful award use scenarios, cards belonging to Bonus or Garanti BBVA CC card family can be used among the cards on the Successful Test Cards page. When trying to use awards or points with other cards in the list, the error “No POS suitable for the award transaction has been found” will be received.

For scenarios where an error is received during the use of awards or points, cards with NOT_SUFFICIENT_AWARD and SALES_AMOUNT_LESS_THAN_AWARD errors on the All Test Cards That Receive Error page can be used.

Test Cards for Reward Inquiry

The test cards that can be used for successful and full-content reward inquiries and the reward contents returned as a result of the query are listed below.

Card NumberCard BankCard BrandReward TypeCredit Card Reward PointsMerchant Specific Reward Points
4043080000000003T. GARANTİ BANKASI A.Ş.BonusPoint12.35 TL5.20 TL
4032800000000007T. GARANTİ BANKASI A.Ş.Garanti BBVA CCPoint11.22 TL45.58 TL
4024580000000005TÜRK EKONOMİ BANKASI A.Ş.BonusPoint50.40 TL100.00 TL
4090700000000008DENİZBANK A.Ş.BonusPoint22.82 TL-
4048090000000007YAPI VE KREDİ BANKASI A.Ş.WorldPoint, Additional Installment, Skip Installment33.82 TL25.00 TL

Test Cards That Buyer Can Choose Additional Installments

Card NumberCard BankCard Brand
5209222154820003T. GARANTİ BANKASI A.Ş.Bonus