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Craftgate is integrated with Stripe which is one of the alternative payment methods. With the API and the Common Payment Page, you can easily receive payments from Stripe users.

Things to do first

In order to use the Stripe integration, you must have completed the following steps.

  1. Alternative Payment Methods must be On on Merchant Panel > Administration > Merchant Settings > Craftgate Features list.

    Alternative Payment Methods in Craftgate Features
  2. Enter the information sent to you by Stripe on Merchant Panel > Administration > APM Management > Stripe after Enable Stripe Integration status.

    Stripe integration settings

Payment via Stripe

You can receive payments from Stripe users via Craftgate API and Common Payment Page. See: Payment with Payment Form

Payment via Stripe From API

You can integrate with alternative payment methods service via Craftgate API to receive Stripe payments.

  1. APM Payment Init: You should send apmType as STRIPE to init Stripe payment

For more information, see Pay With Alternative Payment Methods

  1. APM Payment Complete with Stripe Account: User will be redirected to Stripe account page. When user approve the payment, user will be redirected to your callbackUrl with the result.

For more information, see Complete Alternative Payment Methods

Payment via Stripe From Common Payment Page

The payment experience and flow can be summarized as follows.

  1. The following notification message will be displayed when the Stripe Checkout tab is selected.

    Stripe Common Payment Page Tab
  2. When the Pay button is clicked, user will be redirected to Stripe account page and after approval of payment user is directed to the callbackUrl address which is sent while payment form init request. See: Payment with Payment Form

Receive Payment Only via Stripe

If you send ["STRIPE"] with the enabledPaymentMethods parameter in the payment form initiation request, the card payment tab will not be displayed to the user. Only the Stripe tab will be accessible.

Only Stripe Tab